Super Cooper!
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This website is for all of our family and friends! We want you to be able to come see pictures of our "Little Cooper" without crashing your computers with so many pictures!

Cooper was born on September 2, 2002, just outside of Bern, Switzerland in a town called Wiler. His mom's name is Wesca v. Hofacher and his dad's name is Bonsai vom Wiesgraben. Cooper's real name is Yanko v. Hofacher....Cooper is just his nickname!

He loves playing with his squeaky soccer ball, chewing on his bone and chasing "Dad" all around the house. He loves to play outside! Last weekend, we took him to Lake Geneva and he got to go swimming! He also made a couple of new dog friends!

To see his "progress in pictures", click on each week. I'll be updating the site periodically as well as learning how to make it better. Enjoy for now!

Look at those eyes!

Let us know if you have comments or suggestions!

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